Victor Kozlov
Victor Kozlov


I'm a classic Serial Tech Entrepreneur. Since 1991 I co-founded several companies with 3 successful business exits. These companies are mostly dealing with software development and e-commerce. I'm also looking for investing in early-stage technology startups as an angel investor and open for invitations to advisory boards.

Now I'm living a minimal and balanced life, and dedicate a generous amount of my time for self development, healthy lifestyle and exploring human longevity factors.

I'm happy to have a wonderful, big family. I'm proud of my sons Ivan and Dan.

I believe, that we all are here for a reason and I'm trying to learn lessons, that life brings to me.

From time to time I post to my blog some favorite articles, insightful, motivational quotes and my findings.

You can also find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

Co-founded Companies /chronologically/

ReksoftOZON.RU (MOEX:OZON, ex-NASDAQ:OZON) ・ ASSISTBarsumCleverPumpkin